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Freelance Quantity Surveyor

Freelance Quantity Surveyor

I am a Freelance Quantity Surveyor who operates nationwide. I offer a professional and affordable service for contractors, developers and home owners.

I have many long term clients both present and past. I can work on a full day basis or an item by item basis. Many of my clients employ me as a Freelance QS for a particular project so they don’t have a continued cost liability once the project has completed.

I have over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry. During this time I have worked for a variety of Subcontractors, Main Contractors and General Builders.

95% of my work is providing a construction estimating service to my clients.

I also offer invaluable construction templates to my clients. These construction templates help with cashflow, debt recovery and on site project management.

My clients generally employ me as Freelance Quantity Surveyor for the following reasons:

  1. The company requires a construction estimating service.
  2. They have won some new work but the work does not warrant employing a full time Quantity Surveyor.
  3. A member of their team has a long term illness.
  4. The companies’ turnover has increased but they don’t want to commit to a fixed employee overhead cost.
  5. A member of their team is on holiday.
  6. The company is cutting fixed overheads.
  7. The estimating team are pricing a lot of new work and need additional support.

I can undertake the following works with a high competency as a Freelance Quantity Surveyor to assist with any of the above scenarios: 

  1. Prepare a quotation on your behalf to win work for yourself using our construction estimating service.
  2. Prepare a Bill of Quantities
  3. Prepare Refurbishment Costs
  4. Prepare Subcontractor Tenders
  5. Prepare and comment on Construction Contracts
  6. Formulate a schedule of measurement (take off)
  7. Application for Payment
  8. Final Accounts
  9. Variations
  10. Preparing and Defending Contractual Claims
  11. Preparing Extensions of Time and Prolongation Costs
  12. Contractor Payments
  13. Cash flow Reports
  14. Monthly Cost Value Reconciliation Reports
  15. Pay Less Notice Advice
  16. Suspension of Works Advice
  17. Providing professional Quantity Surveyor Advice

Please take a look through the site, I am very happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. I am an experienced Freelance QS and I pride myself on helping my clients grow their business whilst achieving profitability.

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