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Brick and Block Estimate

Brickwork and Blockwork Cost

This Brickwork and Blockwork bill of quantities was formulated by the freelance quantity surveyor for an extension to a secondary school. The bill of quantities was also priced to a total contract sum of £518k.

Our client was a specialist bricklaying contractor who ran his own company but had no time to estimate projects without the help of an external QS.

The main contractor only provided drawings and a specification. Therefore we formulated a measured bill of quantities and priced each item, as required by our client.

The contractor won the project despite not being the cheapest quotation. The Main Contractor commented that the bill of quantities was much more detailed than any of the other bids received. On this basis they were willing to pay a little extra as they believed they would receive a more professional service from the contractor based on the quotation presented.

Sometimes in a competitive construction market, a professional pricing document will give your company the edge on your competitors.

The bill of quantities (schedule of works) is attached to the right.

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