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Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts

We peruse, comment and advise our clients on all types of construction contracts. Our professional advice lowers your cost liability's dramatically.

The files on the right is an example of the Freelance Quantity Surveyor construction contracts perusal and comment service.

Most contractors enter into construction contracts with a Main Contractor and sign the document without really understanding what they are signing up to.

Freelance Quantity Surveyor takes the risk away by providing our construction contracts perusal and comment service.

The service is very straightforward, your company sends your construction contracts via post or email before you sign. We peruse and comment on three different levels:

Level 1

Freelance Quantity Surveyor provides a contract comments sheet. This sheet just highlights some important information from the construction contracts. For example: the agreed price, lump sum or re-measurable, construction programme duration etc etc

It is a fantastic quick reference document, meaning your company does not have to pick up the construction contracts every five minutes to find important information.

Level 2

Freelance Quantity Surveyor peruses and comments on specific danger clauses in the construction contracts. We prepare these danger clauses into a formal letter in preparation for you to send it to your Main Contractor for comment and negotiation.

Level 3

Freelance Quantity Surveyor provides a risk analysis to inform you how risky the specific clause is. This allows you to decide if you will leave the clause in the construction contracts or that there is no negotiation and the Main Contractor must consider taking the clause out of the construction contracts.

Excellent advise in plain English to protect the cost liability's of your company.

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