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I am an experienced dry lining cost Quantity Surveyor / Estimator. I have worked for leading UK dry lining companies (among others) and bring that experience to my construction estimating service.

On the right is a typical dry lining cost bill of quantities that I price for my clients. It is broken down into the SMM7 form of measurement. The K10 specification (partitions) and the K40 specification (suspended ceilings).

Dry lining has replaced internal blockwork as the preferred product choice for almost all construction sites in the UK now. This is due to the fast speed of erection, low cost and flexibility of dry lining against the more traditional blockwork method of building.

If you are a dry lining company and your estimating department is stretched or if you are a "one man band" pricing late into the night. I can help you with your dry lining cost estimates and bills of quantities.

Please email your bills of quantities / drawings to info@freelancequantitysurveyor.org.uk and I will reply asap with a lump sum price to complete the works on your behalf.


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