We price estimates for all types of construction projects.

Mastic Application Cost

Mastic Application Cost

Do you need a mastic application cost for a bill of quantities or from drawings? The freelance quantity surveyor prepares estimates for all mastic application projects.

Our mastic application cost clients require us to price all types of sealant / mastic projects. Generally these projects are new build housing, hospitals, schools, car parks and industrial units.

We measure and estimate all joint sizes from a 6mm bead. We prepare mastic application costs for Internal HM mastic sealant to bathrooms, showers and kitchens and LM mastic sealant to windows / doors, expansion joints, curtain walling etc etc.

We are used to estimating with all sealant brands  like Arbo, Dow Corning, Mapei and Fosroc to name but a few.

If you require a mastic application cost, please do email us the bill of quantities or drawings to info@freelancequantitysurveyor.org.uk We will respond by return.


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