We prepare and price all types of Schedule of Works documents.

Schedule of Works

Schedule of Works documents are very common and our clients come to us to assist with the pricing. A schedule of works document is generally prepared by the project quantity surveyor (PQS) and is very similar to a bill of quantities except it also describes the general project requirements and the contract terms.

Taking the above into account you must be very methodical when you price a schedule of works document. This is to ensure that everything is understood and priced for.

The attached schedule of works document along with the construction drawings was sent to the freelance quantity surveyor by a regular client. This was a refurbishment cost project in London.

This particular schedule of works document did not have any quantities only an item by item description. This means we must measure every item before pricing. Most schedule of works documents also have quantities. Generally the project quantity surveyor prefers his own quantities, so ever contractor is pricing the same document and the same measurements.

We priced this particular schedule of works document to £385,400.35 (prices removed from attached document).

If you have been sent a schedule of works document and need assistance with the pricing. Please do email it to the freelance quantity surveyor. Our lump sum rates are very competitive. 


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