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Construction Daily Diary               


The Construction Daily Diary is used every day on construction sites to record the activities and events of that particular day.



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This document is "gold dust" if filled out correctly by the Site Manager. It allows the Freelance Quantity Surveyor to prepare extensions of time and also defend any L A D claims by returning him/her to any given day and proving delays by others or perhaps events that were out of the sub-contractors control.

If there is one document you should fill out correctly and diligently every single day it is the Construction Daily Diary. These documents can be used in a court of law and/or a construction adjudication.

The form itself is very simple, it should take perhaps 10 to 15 minutes per day to complete. It documents what labour was on site, where they were working, the weather, any visitors, what tasks the labour were doing, any delays on that day, if all the required drawings had been issued etc.

Case Study

Doors are us were working on a project that overrun the original contract period by 4 weeks. The Main Contractor was being charged £20,000.00 per a week L A D's. The Main Contractors Quantity Surveyor decided that he would spread this cost throughout the sub-contractors without notice and without justification.

Doors are us were asked to contribute £10,000.00 due to their part in the 4 week delay.

However Doors are us knew that they had performed diligently throughout the contract and that the delays were due to the brick and blockwork contractor not handing over external elevations in line with the construction programme.

The Doors are us Quantity Surveyor looked back through the Daily Diary's for the whole contract and could read on numerous occasions that the Doors ar us Site Management had written emails, letters, NCR's etc to the Main Contractor informing them of the delays to the Doors are us programme through no fault of their own.

The Main Contractors Quantity Surveyor had no choice but to accept the evidence and move on to another sub-contractor who could not prove their case.

The Freelance Quantity Surveyor provides a Construction Daily Diary Template download.

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