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Construction Estimating Template

Our Construction Estimating Template is a must have for all builders and construction companies who undertake domestic building projects.


Estimating is the most important thing you do as a builder / construction company.

The construction estimating template we provide has the labour and material cost price for every single standard item required for domestic extensions, refurbishments and new build houses. It can even be used by specalist subcontractors.

Our construction estimating template is in microsoft excel and you can add or delete items as you wish. The template include for over 200 standard build items. It is a complete construction estimating template, everything is set out in a professional way. All you have to do is insert the m2 or Lm for each item and how much profit (OHP).

The construction estimating template is a one off purchase and you can use it for the life of your business. It really is a must have for all builders. This template will pay for itself within two estimates because it will save you so much time preparing your quotation. Plus your clients will be impressed with the professional lay out and are more likley to offer you the contract, even if you are not the cheapest quotation.

To the right are two extracts from the template. Please note the rates are for example purposes only.

The template has the following item rates:

Prelimary Items

Site Manager

partially working Foreman

finishes Foreman


site Labourer

site office

canteen/drying room


toilet/washing facility



health and safety

builders' clean

final / sparkle clean

skips - demo/alterations/groundwork in measure

allow to carry out a complete clear-up externally


security fence to perimeter of each phase + maintaining

mobile security guard / out-of-hours attendances


mechanical lifting equipment (all-terrain forklift/fuel + operator)

mechanical access equipment



electric consumption

temporary electrics (lighting/power) + temporary water supply

temporary hoardings as required



Foundations and Substructure

reduced dig

excavate foundation trench

disposal by tipper lorry

compact bottoms of excavations

allow to keep excavations free from water

EWS - trenches

e/o to break out hard material

Gen 3 concrete to strip foundations

extra over for part load charges

100mm thick concrete blockwork

facing bricks

wall ties

concrete cavity fill

100mm wide dpc

cavity tray

service entries

type 1 mass fill/backfill to trenches


New concrete floor

type 1 sub-base

500 guage polythene dpm including laps on 50mm sand blinding

1200 guage polythene dpm including laps on 50mm sand blinding

formwork to sides of concrete slab ne 250mm

100mm concrete slab

extra over for part load charges

1 layer A252 mesh

power float or brushed finish finish

rigid floor insulation

floor screed on and including ethafoam layer


Above DPC

facing bricks

extra over brickwork items:-

arched brickwork including formers

3 course horizontal band course

stone sills

3 course corbelled at eves level

100mm thick thermalite blockwork

100mm thick concrete blockwork to party walls and internal partitions

independent scaffolding

S/S wall ties

form cavity

50mm thick wall insulation

horizontal and vertical dpc (windows/doors)

cavity tray above lintels (windows/doors)

cavity closers (windows/doors)

S/S wall starters complete


1050mm long
1200mm long
1350mm long
1500mm long
1800mm long
750mm long
2750mm long

internal concrete lintels 1200mm wide

UPVC double glazed windows and doors:-

window 1500 x 1200mm
window 1050 x 1200mm
glazed single door and frame (1000mm wide)
glazed french doors and frames (1500mm wide)
window 1050 x 600mm
window 450 x 900mm
window 450 x 1200mm
window 630 x 1200mm


50x100mm wall plate


ceiling joists

allow for truss diagonal bracing

ridge board

gable ladders

noggins and bracing

roof covering - natural slates, tyvek supra felt, 300mm mineral quilt insulations, and 25mm Kingspan insulation
extra over for ridge and hip tiles

valley complete

pre-treated timber fascia board

25mm glidevale vent to eves

pre-treated timber vented soffit

UPVC half round guttering

UPVC 75mm RWPs

stepped lead flashing/cavity tray to abutments

pre-treated timber barge board (as fascia)

First floor:-

22mm T&G floor boarding

150mm mineral wool insulations

SW timber joists

noggins / bracing

joist hangers

dormer roofs complete (windows included above)




12.5mm plasterboard and skim to ceilings

extra over for loft access hatches

12.5mm plasterboard/skim on dabs to blockwork walls

100mm stud partitioning complete - including one layer of 12.5mm plasterboard/skimmed each side

SVP boxings (300x300mm)

white ceramic wall tiling

Decoration generally:-

walls - 2 coats
ceilings - 2 coats
skirting board - 2 coats
single doors and frames
window boards

panelled internal doors and frames:-

doors complete with ironmongery - single

as above - double doors

SW skirting board

SW window boards

SW timber staircase

SW timber balustrade

SW timber handrail

Kitchens complete - labour only


Mechanical and Electrical



white plastic light switches

white plastic pendant lights

white plastic double sockets

white plastic shaver points

white plastic BT/TV points

smoke/heat detectors

wiring only

fuse board complete


gas fired combi boiler




Plumbing, ventillation, and sanitary:-





wastes and the like


mechanical extract ventillation

builders work associated with all services


External Drainage


100mm dia drain connections

Aco drain complete including sump etc

new manholes / inspection chambers

drain connections into existing manholes

new manholes onto existing drain runs

back inlet gullies complete

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